African / Nigerian Elections and Post Electoral Remedies!


The best beggars of votes when elected to serve turn to become near political tyrants, thieves of public funds and slave masters of the same people they vowed to serve.

In most elections, now that coups are not popular, the citizenry is left with the garbage till the next elections, when money and the power of incumbency could be used to steal the peoples mandate at all cost to keep the status.

Democracies are guided by constitutions. I need to know, what are the constitutional guides to recalling a President, Governor, and Member of the House of Assembly by the electorate when they are in office?

We need to stop some nonsenses that makes elected officers become demi gods and demagogues while in office.

Can any educate us on the needed process, please?


Violence begat violence?

A still small voice keeps telling me that vengeance is the Lord’s He will repay.  The sincere heart pains, grief and emotional pangs caused the myriad of innocent persons round the world should be a cause of concern for action and not just words.  But where do we start from?  It is more annoying for so many lay persons like me, when you see the same persons steering the wheels of conflict in regions, sitting on well decorated round tables with tea, coffee and snacks arguing heartlessly, where as the people they have engineered against each other are in pools of blood if not already in mass graves.  The sorry state of the gullible masses used, is the agitators will always have their families far away from the trouble’s spots and then come to use other peoples’ sons, daughters, mothers and fathers for a cause only the agitators are the true benefactors.

I stand to be corrected, the true culprits behind most genocides and crisis are always never called to book.  Oscar Arias, once told my class that the manufacturers, merchants and users of weapons of violence should all be held accountable for the atrocities, because if the warring parties are not armed the likelihood that the violence will escalate beyond proportions is not there.  True or false, is left for you to reason, but if you visit police station cells or prisons and see criminals worshipping God, you might end up more confused, as in, if these are the same persons convicted of their crimes. The the sponsors are surprisingly persons in very high societal palaces connected through several remote channels that even the best of conflict resolvers might be playing round their evil planned schemes.  You may get me wrong, forgive me, the opinion is personal, but most of battles are fought with the real merchants of war, selling the wares to both sides.  It is time to look at remote causes of crisis and see how nations can proactively halt or manage uneasy calm/peace transmuting to violence.  May we never resort to violence, leaving the laws of Kama to be in effect.

We all have issues, with ourselves, siblings, parent, spouses, families, neighbourhood and colleagues, but violence / ill actions should be a never mentioned thing.  In Nigeria, there is saying that, even the tongue and teeth, sometimes fight, but must stay and work together to survive.  As the year  comes to another close, may we see peace springing with the tides all around the world. 

May families displaced, migrating, in Camps or Homes / Shelters, be able to at least feel the current of Christmas with Santa Claus bringing gifts and tides of Peace. 

Common-sense or Pocket Sense–Nigeria’s v economy!

Senator Ben Bruce has become the Nigeria’s Common Sense Politician, good some are talking realities that seem to be appreciated by the common man, whose best economy is the stomach or pocket.

This is a small thought feeder for any serious thinker.  Am sure you already know most of what one will state, let is then act as a reminder of the should have, for not just Nigeria, but for the most developing nations.

I will ask some questions and look for answers from any or all that have inclusions as our way forward.

Welcome to Common Sense or Pocket Sense – Nigeria’s v economy.

Ondo Elections 2016 –Now that APC has been declared winner.

The elections was relatively peaceful, gratitude to the Almighty and all that contributed to make it so.

Now is time for synergy to get the state forward and not at a stand still or backwards. I hope the Jimohs, Okes et al will join hands off party lines and see Ondo forward.

For the New Governor Elect, it is time to return to Owo and say Thank you.  It should extend to the Akungba – Ikare Axis and the whole of Ondo North. 

Owo is a Junction town and the busiest link the North and Middle Belt (Benin). 

I am kindly requesting for

1. Increased Security, especially between Owo and the Akure, we have been robbed thrice on that stretch.   At a time people started using the Ekiti link with Oshun, long but safer at that time.  Luxurious Buses were the major targets at night.

2. The link roads to

a -Sabon Gida Ora and Benin axis;

b – Road from Ibillo junction to Kabba, a very commercial road, especially with the Cement Factory in Kogi, the Dangote’s should join in making the road better.

c. – The Owo Akungba – Okene Link roads (security and pot hole repairs.

d. – Akure – Ilesha road – road repairs and maintenance

e. Start thinking of dualising Owo-Akure-Ondo-Owo-Okitipupa/Igbokoda roads and start even if on small scale a Lagos – Okitipupa/Igbokoda Water transport (luxury/business class).

should see some visitations.  Yes they may be Federal roads, as a member of the Centre Party, Fashola should be able to make it priority or you work on them and get refund.

3. The Issue of Kidnappings must stop or see a drastic reduction, even if it means upsetting some cabals.

4. Build a big Trailer park in Owo for decongesting of roads especially as there will increase of traffic with road repairs.

5. Start campaigning for the Ajaokuta rail line to Pass through Ondo to Lagos.  Ondo needs a direct Lagos – Abuja Link to unlock the state from the relegation by the western states.

6. Start looking at Diaspora, Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan and Kaduna/Kano for inputs to the state.  Ondo has a large cache of Highly placed resources that can be of benefit to the state in Oil and Gas, Cocoa, Timber, Cassava, Medicine, Water, ICT and name it.  The Kupolatis and Aruwajoyes, Famutimi et al are Egbons that must be used to get the Bitumen, Oil and Gas resources on your top front burner now the PIB is being pursued.

7. Tourism has suffered so much set back due to lack of care.  Religious Tourism was not cared for in the days of Obadare, now Ogun State has captured the Mountain of Fire, Redeem, Living Faiths et al.  The Government should see how the Sun Shine state can shine again with the Idanre’s and Oke Marias et al.

8. As a corper, I made sure I used only products from Oluwa Glass factory in my apartment, they sufficed, PPP with the Chinese if need be but lets start producing Glasswares.

9. Ondo should visit Ghana and see how they have silently started producing European Quality Chocolates, export product.  They avoided Nigeria, because we could still the market.   Get the Boyede’s and Ile Oluji start producing affordable Coco Products for Nigeria and Export again.

10. The Farmers of your area do not have a regulated market to sell their products at premium price, get the lebanese and gambaris give good deals, by getting a commodity board to give these farmers a reason to increase the production and get premium pricing for their goods. And you can do what your eastern counterpart is doing exporting vegetable to abroad.  The Farmers need better pricing.

11. The North East is being reconstructed, Ondo Furniture, wood workers can be enabled through your Government to be a major source for wood products for school, hospitals, churches, homes and establishments furniture and wood needs.

It is my prayer that the progress of Ondo State will be a continum.

God bless the people of the Sun Shine State and he blesses the State to truly shine.

Commercial Bike (Acaba/Okada) Registration–Bauchi State Nigeria in Mind.

On a trip so many years ago to Ghana by road, the Commercial Bikers in Cotonou and Lome amazed us.  They filed orderly along lanes meant just for them and all had visible numbers readable from far on the front and back of their aprons.   They were so organised, that you wonder, if they had high cases of casualties like we do.  Coming home to Nigeria, the emergence of Okada, Acaba or Commercial Bikes was as a result of the down turning of the economy; increase in the population sizes of our towns and cities with the corresponding vehicular traffic issues and Unemployment. 

With so many states banning out rightly the use of motorcycles, with no sustainable alternative(s), is enough for Bauchi State Government to be applauded for the decision to register motorcycle riders in the state.  Suffice to say that every Government have their reasons for decisions taken, but the fact remains that, these class of people are only there because of the service need they provide for.

In Nigeria, Acaba/Okada (motorbike) is associated, (not exhaustive though), with armed robbers, militants, terrorists, kidnappers, bag snatchers, assassins, ritualists, Orthopaedic Hospital and Mortuary service providers  marketers/promoters.

Why is it so? Amongst reasons are:-

1. Most riders are not trained, they learn on the trade.

2. Poverty, it is a very fast way of getting little change to keep body, soul and family together.

3. Joblessness, some riders are graduates with Diplomas, Degrees.  There was a case of a Masters Degree graduate in Abuja, before the El-Rufai ban on riders.

4. Lack of sufficient affordable transport, they act as bridges/gap fillers

5. Lack of accessible roads, they are able to reach un-motorable nukes, corners and crannies.

6. High Traffic Jams / Go slows, they have ability to manoeuvre in-between vehicles reducing the time wastages due to traffic challenges.

7. It is fun and airy, having the breeze blow on your face and skin.

The list can go on and on.   Unfortunately, it has become the most risky form of transportation.

In Bauchi, where people blatantly refused to wear crash helmets and seat belts, any measure to increase the safety of the commuters and citizenry is a noble deed.  Yes the riders are full of complaints, but it is necessary and of more benefit to them if properly executed.  Everyday you will meet a handful of riders, who do not even know the roads, they depend on you to show them, they keep telling you, if care to ask, that they are from neighbouring states.  So anybody from anywhere, (Militant, terrorist, robbers), can carry a motorbike and commercially work/carry out a negative activity, disappear and leave the true service providers to carry the brunt of the crime committed.  So registration is truly needful.

What will we need to do to make the registration, more meaningful and of benefit to the riders and their passengers?

a. Riders Test and Certification – Mental, Physical, Medical, Eye tests and Knowledge of the terrain (Locality)

b. Road Worthiness of Vehicle, not only license plate

c. Basic First Aid Training

d. Security Back ground check

e. Separation of the town into different areas with responsible coordinating heads, reporting to their town/city or state coordinators.

f. Usage of Reflective readable numbers on bikes (Petrol Tanks), showcasing Bike Commercial registration number.

g. Usage of Reflective Readable Riders Registration Number on Aprons (front and Back).  The riders are not necessarily the owners of the Bikes.  Their registration entitles them to have license as a commercial rider.

h. The Uniform / Apron should be non-transferable, as in the case of license/ID card.

i. Ownership change of Commercial vehicles, should be documented with the necessary authorities, before it is enforced, this will reduce the snatching of bikes.

j. Black listed riders, should have their Apron/Uniform seized for the duration of the black listing.

k. Remove multi taxation – form a one channel ticketing/taxation, Local Government & State Inland Revenue people should have a weekly/monthly scheme.

l. Create a weekly/monthly fora for training, retraining, networking and feedback.

m. Have a 3 digit toll free line for Passenger Complaint, emergency or eventuality report.

n. Institute/Support a compulsory basic Health Insurance through National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to cover the rider and his passenger.

o. Create a benefit/reward system where riders through their association/cooperative can finance bike purchase or other projects to increase their channels of revenue generation.

Knowing that Nigeria is not starved of ideas, it is the execution and maintenance that suffers, I rest my case, with a prayer, that the Government will get credible agencies/people to do the needful.  If well implemented, the riders will be presenting themselves for registration and payments of dues, as they know what they are getting from it and later work on making it sustainable and theirs.

May God bless the people of Nigeria.




Ondo Elections 2016.

If you served in Ondo State and did not enjoy your stay, raise your hand?  I bet you the number will be in the minority.  Space will not allow me to mention the joys of being amongst the wonderful, beautiful and peace loving people of Ondo State, irrespective of location, rural or urban.  The memories of Compatriots like Mohammed Sada from Katsina State, Bubemi Pesu, Tony Akhigbe, Femi, Toyin Ajayi, Chigozie Oguine, Kenneth, Ama Agbiji, Nkem, Ochi, Akin, Femi Akintunde Johnson (FAJ), Bidemi, Ramatu, Ms Florence Ahmed, John Daniel, Samson Wakili, Friday, the list goes on.  It will not over Shadow, the likes of High Chief Seinde Arogbofa and the staff of the then Army Comprehensive High School, the late Col Daramola’s family, the R.O. Maxwells (A Mother in Israel), my very own Funmi nee Maxwell (My Sister in Israel). The Wole Adamolekuns, still a mentor, Omoboya NYSC Mama with Mr Atilola’s (Adamu daku ma damu mi) to cover for all my Directors and staff of NYSC.  The Ondo State NYSC Drama Troupe (we need a reunion) and the Ondo State Christian Corpers Fellowship’s Musical Group amidst others are very fresh memories on the platter of my mind.  God will richly bless and remember all those who have laboured to make visitors at home, for no seemingly outward reward.

I am specially remembering my Mother, she taught me in primary one, became a Guardian during my youth corps and now the Wonderful Grand Mother of my Children, with My Father(Rest Well Daddy), he has been like a guiding light and his words echoing and re echoing especially in times of need.  The Ilemobade’s have my Eternal Gratitude for making Ondo a place I can justifiably also call home.  My Oye Lawrence, Sarki, Ayuba (army officers), Sankara, et al and the one that made me an NYSC Guitar boy, by allowing me use his guitar, the then State Police Public Relations Officer Mr Tonye Wakama, thank you again.  I am talking elections, forgive me, that is what happens when you say Ondo.

Elections in Ondo/Ekiti (then Ondo State), were never a child’s play, the relics of violence covered the state during our time, late Col Daramola, the then Chair of the Electoral Commission, told us not to worry.  Ondo people only react when pushed to the wall or when the truth is being denied them. 

As Elections draw close, you see the forming, amending and destroying of alliances, is for want of  fair play.   My prayer for this wonderful State that is the Spiritual Trigger of the Continent, is for the peaceful election of the right persons that will continue in the upgrade of Ondo to be a leading state in Nigeria and Africa. 

Forgive my selling fish (Selfish).  The Bitumen in Ondo can sufficiently make Nigeria a net exporter of the commodity to Africa and the World.  The Ondo Cocoa farms, if well harnessed can make Ivory Coast a secondary exporter of the Chocolate Juice. The Igbokoda Glass factory, can halt our Chinese imports of glasses and china wares.  The best way to decongest the Lagos – Ibadan/Ore roads is the Lagos – Okitikupa water ways.   I am told that the Sapele Water & Palm Wine from the Ode-Aye Okitikupa axis, ‘fit make mallam forget say na from Zamfara e come from’.  Na one corper tell me ooh.

Seriously, Ondo State is like the Turkey of Nigeria and deserves the very best in this electioneering season.  So what have I been saying?  It is time for Ondo people to forget, Party, region or creed and vote for capable hands that can change the status of this regional power.  X-ray the candidates and avoid the Hilary/Trump saga that reminds me of the Abiola/Tofa thing.  If non of the candidates is good enough, do the Lagos thing and get the Ondo Fashola and Ambode to come out and join.  Now that global challenges are not getting any less, it is time to bring out your jokers for the days ahead.

We will not be left out, our Knees are still bent in prayers and God will hear us.  Ondo must rise to champion the development that will transcend to Oshun, Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Edo, Delta, Kwara, Kogi, Nigeria and the Continent at large.  That is a vision I saw in 1987/88 and the time for fulfilment has just begun.  Arise my dear People at home and abroad and Lead from this your humble peaceful abode.  May we have a peaceful, free and fair elections.  God bless Nigerians and then Nigeria. 

The misplaced or mistake of identity.

Series of talks and cross talks are being debated on issues of migration, displaced persons, insurgency and the insensitivity of some governments / persons on the plight of humans, especially women/girls and children.

Suffice to say that we are increasingly realising that the different shades of grey is also increasing, as we grow old, but the truth remains that White is White and Black is Black.  The dynamics of conflicts are now more terrifying than the days when the knowledge of Sages, like Atilla the Hun, Sun Z’s Art of War, Laws of Power, Art of Seduction, Prince and the likes were more or less mystic / occult knowledge passed between the illuminated privileged few.  Now a set of jobless boys can borrow/purchase or download videos on almost any matter and spend time planning / strategizing with even their parents not aware of the potential actions / threats under their roofs. 

I will make this piece a short one, ask me if you need further insight to my thoughts.  Our own Zaria Kaduna State Alh Muttalab, that gave information on his son’s likely being a source of concern and the later arrest of the son on board an airline with an explosive device in his pants, brought so many positive / negative criticisms.  Some of, íf the Father was a true adherent of his faith.  Some others feared that, what happened to Gen. Shuwa in Maiduguri might happen to him also, if he is not careful and what have you.

On BBC about a week or two ago, A Cameroonian Soldier was asked about the Boko Haram Insurgents and he replied, that the Boko Haram are the people we see.  They are law abiding in the daytime and turn to insurgents at night or during action.  Is he correct?  Ask me, but try finding our from all incidences of violence, it is neighbours and friends that turn to fiends/enemies and the destructions is with the insight of hitherto innocent fore knowledge of the targets.  Try checking Burundi, Liberia, Somalia, Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria, Bosnia where ever.  The insurgents go a step further to use the same children/Women(their relatives & family) some times, as in the cases of some middle east places were schools and hospitals become discreet hide out / base for attacks on oppositions.

Let us hope the Insurgence in Syria, Libya, Nigeria and other parts of the world is coming to a dying phase, what happens to the myriad of persons used by the various insurgents?  These persons have gone back to their families and are now part of the very big picture of Internally displaced.  The France, Paris saga led to Brussels and it had a pinch of the dastardly action when it went into action on the suspected persons.  The same may be happening in Nigeria, with the too many approved / unapproved camps and no proper data of who is who, what do you expect the Boko Haram members to do?  They will go back to their families and start living the Bob Marley’s run to fight another day life. 

There is need to start identifying community/schools/church/mosque leaders to help identify their own and be responsible for their behaviour.  Then move to returning them to their right places of abode as soon as possible.  The Leadership must begin to take responsibility of their immediate communities before even the Police, Military and Government.  They know their people and their behavioural tendencies. Then only can we reduce the immersion of little foxes that will later affect negatively the efforts of persons to live in peace.