The misplaced or mistake of identity.

Series of talks and cross talks are being debated on issues of migration, displaced persons, insurgency and the insensitivity of some governments / persons on the plight of humans, especially women/girls and children.

Suffice to say that we are increasingly realising that the different shades of grey is also increasing, as we grow old, but the truth remains that White is White and Black is Black.  The dynamics of conflicts are now more terrifying than the days when the knowledge of Sages, like Atilla the Hun, Sun Z’s Art of War, Laws of Power, Art of Seduction, Prince and the likes were more or less mystic / occult knowledge passed between the illuminated privileged few.  Now a set of jobless boys can borrow/purchase or download videos on almost any matter and spend time planning / strategizing with even their parents not aware of the potential actions / threats under their roofs. 

I will make this piece a short one, ask me if you need further insight to my thoughts.  Our own Zaria Kaduna State Alh Muttalab, that gave information on his son’s likely being a source of concern and the later arrest of the son on board an airline with an explosive device in his pants, brought so many positive / negative criticisms.  Some of, íf the Father was a true adherent of his faith.  Some others feared that, what happened to Gen. Shuwa in Maiduguri might happen to him also, if he is not careful and what have you.

On BBC about a week or two ago, A Cameroonian Soldier was asked about the Boko Haram Insurgents and he replied, that the Boko Haram are the people we see.  They are law abiding in the daytime and turn to insurgents at night or during action.  Is he correct?  Ask me, but try finding our from all incidences of violence, it is neighbours and friends that turn to fiends/enemies and the destructions is with the insight of hitherto innocent fore knowledge of the targets.  Try checking Burundi, Liberia, Somalia, Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria, Bosnia where ever.  The insurgents go a step further to use the same children/Women(their relatives & family) some times, as in the cases of some middle east places were schools and hospitals become discreet hide out / base for attacks on oppositions.

Let us hope the Insurgence in Syria, Libya, Nigeria and other parts of the world is coming to a dying phase, what happens to the myriad of persons used by the various insurgents?  These persons have gone back to their families and are now part of the very big picture of Internally displaced.  The France, Paris saga led to Brussels and it had a pinch of the dastardly action when it went into action on the suspected persons.  The same may be happening in Nigeria, with the too many approved / unapproved camps and no proper data of who is who, what do you expect the Boko Haram members to do?  They will go back to their families and start living the Bob Marley’s run to fight another day life. 

There is need to start identifying community/schools/church/mosque leaders to help identify their own and be responsible for their behaviour.  Then move to returning them to their right places of abode as soon as possible.  The Leadership must begin to take responsibility of their immediate communities before even the Police, Military and Government.  They know their people and their behavioural tendencies. Then only can we reduce the immersion of little foxes that will later affect negatively the efforts of persons to live in peace.


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