Why ICC – African Court of Justice, ECOWAS Court of Appeal and Other Regional Courts, Where are you?

Ethiopia has just gathered the crème de la crème of the African Continent, Buhari the Nigerian President went to Ethiopia through Kenya.  On all the talks, we expected a talk on Judicial African issues especially the ICC, Kenya and Cote de Voire (Ivory Coast) saga.

We would have expected ECOWAS to be handling issues regarding Cote de Voire, like the Boko Haram attempts in Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon and Niger.  The same for the Kenyan saga.  If the regional courts cannot, then the issues can be raised to the African Court of Justice. 

When will Africa wake up from sleep?  There is need to revisit the history books and rethink the Nubians, Noks, Carthage, Zulus and the Ancients of Africa, even as the world’s resolve to dissolve borders.  African can only bargain from an angle of strength, if it comes on a platform of One Africa and not on the dissenting fragments of yester colonial divides.

Of all the Corruption, Political, religious, ethnical violence in Africa, go and look under the surface, you will find external influences from the same persons that Africans run to for judicial respite.  When will we call the Europeans, Americans, Chinese, Lebanese, Indians involved in the ills of the land, to come to our African Courts and also face our judiciary?  Instead of making them diplomatic issues and swept under carpets. Then only will people (not Africans) think twice before instigating our very own to carry cases to ICC and call in American, European lawyers for cases that should have been African start to finish.

If you think your national court will not give you justice, because of Government involvement, then take the case to the regional court.  If the regional court refuses to hear you out, the African Court could then be approached.  African Union has been so demoralised by its own members to a near silence on all issues that should have been theirs, but taken over by interfering others.  Correct me, would the Libyan, Egyptian, Kenyan, Cote de Voire (Ivory Coast), cases been handled differently, if it was the absolute resolve of the African Union?  A personal question for our reasoning.

Africans steal monies, and invest them in other African, Middle Eastern, Asian, European, American Countries.  If the African States, can come together as one and demand, like the Jewish Representative did, for repatriation of any African stolen wealth in African, Europe, America, Asia, Middle East, Africa will turn to be the wealthiest Continent on the globe.  There is need to have a United African Voice on hidden / dark treasures of Africa in Swiss Banks and the off Shore accounts and request for return, like Nigeria is doing with the Abacha funds.  Let us have a return of the living and dead owners stolen funds back to land.  We can, if we try, but we must first stand to try.

Politically, it is time to reduce the bargain for posts, in the European, American, Asian, Chinese and Indian Courts. Because, when the Chinese sponsor you to office, you will be made to sing their tunes, so will it be if the Indians, Europeans or Americans do the same.  Africans should let their electorate truly elect worthy persons, and the winners should learn to carry the losers along, because we all have something to contribute and it is always the losers/disgruntled elements that are tempted to counter the good of the leaders.

Do not get me wrong, I am of the humble opinion, that if the Boko Harams felt the Nigerian Government did them wrong by killing the leaders, instead of becoming insurgents, they went to the ECOWAS Court and sought redress, we will not have been talking of US$2.1Billion misguided/directed funds and the colossal wastes in the North East will not have arisen..  The same is for the Biafra, Malians, Somalia’s, South Sudanese, Burkinabe’s, Libyans and Egyptians instead of going underground in Europe, America and the Middle East or Chinese for arms.  Africa will have used less to resolve issues and the huge bleeding of Africa’s lean resource for arms will have been redirected to better developmental projects.

My is a plea for the Secretariat of the African Union and other Regional groupings to come out of their citadels/high towers and engage Africans on the streets, villages, rubbles of wars/crises, schools, hospitals et. al. Let Africans begin to feel Africa and know that they are covered on all fronts.  May this year see African Trade increasing between African States, and African Banks, handling Afican Monies, beginning from the Central Banks of especially Franco – African States. There may be some need to return the Liberian, Kenyan, Ivorian cases back to African Courts, instead of ICC that seem to be made solely for African Leaders past and serving(present).  May we see before this year ends, African Leaders, travelling to other African states, for Medical, historic or leisure tourism.  As a Continent, Africa has the needed critical mass/minimum for success in any area, so why won’t we exploit it?  Start from the courts?  May be, it will reduce most crises that are still unborn.


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