Bauchi Tourism–Gets a Presidential mention.

I was privy by virtue of work to be at the Convocation Square of the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi Nigeria.  The list of attendees was impressive, with so much support from  Co – Heads of Educational Institutions, Research and Agencies, Traditional Leaders, Politicians and a number of well wishers amidst the gradaunds and the families.  The Chairman, Committee of Vice-Chancellors, Prof. A. Daramola of FUT Akure, must be a fulfilled man, that V.C.’s are having convocations by the numbers during his tenure.

The Governor’s speech in relations to the university, at least will give the University the needed road leading to the permanent site, it is my sincere wish that it will not only be to the school, but will be made to pass through the villages near the university, so that the villagers will start reaping the dividends of their allowing the university to be domiciled in their locale.  For land/estate speculators, this is the very best time to start buying and developing buildings in the villages near the University.  If Samara Zaria, my town,  is any testimony to go by, the Airport / University axis might grow to be the most cosmopolitan area of Bauchi. 

The contributions of the Executive Secretary, was of a very mindful father and Academic Leader, advising the University to stick to the mandate of Technological advancement and beautiful was the suggestion of securing the University area, for the safety of the students and staff. A father indeed.  TETFUNDs announcement of the approval for the fencing work, showed the Governments readiness to advance any good course that will be beneficial to the academic community.  I have in the few months of this Vice Chancellor seen a lot of projects springing up from the University, some of the projects show the University taking the lead as it should in the development of the immediate community.   A mention must be done of the new Leadership of ATIL – the Consultancy/Investment outfit of the university, they need to be commended.

The Visitor’s Speech as delivered by the Executive Secretary of the National University Commission, who seems to be the Presidents Special Ambassador for Education, made my day.  He referenced the State with the Yankari Game Reserve as a leading Natural Tourism Trap, comparable with any in the Continent.  He made the university to think towards the proactive looking at synergies with the State Government and other stake holders to make Yankari take it’s place on the map of reserves and am sure a lead Revenue Generator for the State and the Nation, with the resultant creation of jobs for the citizenry.

The Federal Polytechnic, has done well developing resources for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry in Bauchi and the environs, so also NIHOTOUR the Government agency for the development of resource for the Industry.  The Governor in his love for education, mentioned the link of the State Polytechnic to the University, so that they can start offering Degree programs, good news.  I  will suggest, so humbly, that now is a right time for the Government, Universities (Federal/State), Federal/State Polytechnics/NIHOTOUR to look at ways for jump starting various modern Hospitality/Tourism resource development programmes.  This is the time to follow the lines of Ahmadu Bello University and start First/Post Graduate Degree programmes in Hospitality and Tourism.    National University Commission will definitely accredit such programmes as the Executive Secretary was the Emissary of the President and Visitor to the University.

On an immediate front, what can we as Hospitality / Tourism concerns do to encourage the Government and Academia to jump start this?  I will think it is time for stakeholders to drop all their differences and form linkages at Owners, Managers and Workers levels for the betterment of the state and region as one.  The more we are together, the happier we’ll be.  And if I have a listening ear, the Government at National and State Levels, should seek to encourage the sector, unifying taxes (reducing multiple taxations), assisting with Power (PHCN) stability and creating patronage by bringing and hosting big events in the state.  

In closing, respectfully, my domicile in Bauchi is opening my eyes to a sleeping giant, waiting to wake up from it’s slumber.   Bauchi is the place for Sport’s Tourism, Eco-Tourism, Mountaineering, Safari / Wild life, Religious Tourism, Educational / Historical, Culinary Tourism (Kilishi, Dambun nama & Masa), Medical and leisure Tourism.  All these with global appeals, the time to wake up is more now, I am looking again, more hopefully, for Yankari Games Reserve to be the Camp David of Nigeria (Buhari / Osibajo, need to be given a Natural place to get refreshed).  I long to see the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Guest House in Bayara, be made a sacred reserved place for Leadership/Historical Research in sync with the Tomb.  Whatever is the reason for the neglect of the Museum near Zaranda Hotel, need a rethinking.  

I feel elated now, I can say the near absence of Tourism in the Ministries and earlier talks of the Government, was not an un-mindfulness.  Responsible Tourism has a good consideration in this government.  God bless Nigerians and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Adamu Ayuba

Fariah Suites Bauchi Nigeria.



Yes Eternity, permit me to go somewhat spiritual today, it’s an experience, that might be just me, hear me out.

My second Son, came to me one day on my arrival home from my outpost.  He said ‘Daddy, Daddy’! ‘Yes El-Saleem’, I answered. ‘Where will you spend Eternity’? he asked.  I was quiet for a moment, thought it through a while that looked like eternity itself.  Then answered, assuring myself, ‘In heaven, my dear’’.  The echoes of that question kept on for days.  I had to check my archives of deeds, to make sure that anything worth sending me to hell was dealt with.

I gave my life to Christ ( as in committed my life to Christ), so many decades ago, received Baptism of Water and the Holy Spirit at different times.  I have preached, sang, prayed for the sick with numerous good results.   But my life was in a state, that I was sure, The Almighty, might say depart from me for I know you not.

So many people are the on wide / broadway to hell inside buildings called churches and fellowship groups.  Religions and Religious people have formulated so many activities that keep us very busy doing religious business, that keeps us dogmatically far from God and His purpose for our lives.  Very religious we get, but are also adulterers, fornicators, liars, lovers of self than lovers of God, Proclaiming love for God and neighbours, but cannot withstand our wives, husbands, fathers or mothers.  They refused blatantly their vows (on the platter of God understands) and cohort with sinners and persons the Bible says avoid like plaque.

They have turned heaven into material, political, financial O.K. with some tithe and offering no one need to worry.  Unfortunately, the tithes and offerings collected go mostly for personal aggrandisement and not for the expansion of the Kingdom (the Ekklesia, the Body of Believers, who are so Christ like and were nicknamed Christians). 

They are beautiful in Churches, places of worship and also pillars in occult houses, beer parlours and brothels.  They are not prostitutes, but call men, boys, girls, women, father, mothers – who have and are registering demonic altars of promiscuity in almost every place their legs step in.

God is not mocked, Whatever anybody sows, he/she will reap.  If only the Clergy can save their selves, because God’s judgement will start in the Household of God and   Repentantly, lead the body of Christians (the Church), …  The People who are called by God’s name, to humble themselves, turn from their evil/wicked ways, repentantly and seek God in Spirit and in Truth. He has promised to Hear our cries, forgive our sins and Heal our Land.  That is the manifestation of Sons, that the world has been waiting for, to receiving Healing from above, I am sure.

I will want to ask you like my son, to make your salvation a serious matter.  Work it out with fear of God and trembling. And find out where you might spend Eternity.  It is not verbaging the ‘’in call’’ of Christ.  You must repent, renounce your sins and start walking in the Light of God’s word.  This is no time for the show of words.  Your fruit should glaringly tell your neighbours/family/friends that this one has turned from his/her past (evil ways) and is now like Christ.

Enough of having so many big edifices (Church buildings) with no effect on the society we live in, whereas twelve (12) disciples became city tormentors, because of the Power of Christ in them.  May we who call Christ as Saviour and Lord, live Christ Resurrected Lives in our houses/homes, work and play, so we can bring sooner the return of the Risen King.



28th May, 2014

Bauchi Nigeria.

Our Nigeria–Which way to go?

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The USD$ 30+ or 20Billion, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi – Okonjo Weala/Dieziani GEJ et. al is no more news.  So is the Oil and Gas gate, that got some highly placed Nigerians confessing to Bribery and corrupting a National Assembly Legislator, no court judgement no white paper and all the concerns are moving about free agents in a very corrupt, immoral setting? no in an easy to forget society.


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Now the US$2.1Billion Arms gate is raising more heat and courts / health pressures, why?  Wind of Change? Maybe; Nigerians surprise me always.

My expectations is that our statisticians/Press/Academicians will come out and tell us in clear terms, what we lost, what we are looking for and what we as a Nation stand to gain, if we succeed, 50, 80 or 100%.  SLS now Emir of Kano was quoted in a paper to saying, GEJ was loosing as much as US$1Billion monthly to corruption, was that true? Is it still happening? Nigerians need to know and the see how to fix the holes or change the baskets to containers that do not leak.Nigeria-2016-Budget-Projected-Revenue (1)

Do you know that:-

USD$2.1 Billion will amount to NGN546Billion at N260=US$1.  That will be 30.333Million people’s salary on the N18,000.00 minimum wage. (Some Governors have already come out to tell the world that they cannot pay the amount).

* The total budget for all the Northern States Education is N300Billion, that means it can pay to educate the whole Northern States for one year with a change of N246Billion.

* The Nigerian Health Sector has N221.7Billion only for this year, that means it could take care of health sector and have N324.3Billion as change.

* If what SLS and Dieziani / NASS settled for was USD$20.0Billion as unaccounted for, that will be

* N5.2Trillion at the N260=USD$1

* it can give 288.9Million people’s minimum salary (that is more than the Nigeria’s population of 160Million)

* It is more than the total budget of some Countries in Africa and some developing countries.

What should amaze any sensible, responsible person, is the way and manner Nigerians carry on their business of the day, as if, it’s one of those things you know?  No it is not, it is the only wahala (suffering) that right standing people suffer for keeping silent and refusing to ask for their rightful dues.

This is no PDP / APC saga, it is Nigeria.  This is time to stand as one and demand answers, of the whys and how’s of not just the ones we know, but of all the others being kept from the eyes of the public.

Our Citadels and Ivory Towers need to start R&D on Nigeria’s root cause, Reductions or Removal of Temptations and Best Practices.  Ways of celebrating Honesty and reward for right living or whatever can get us sane again should be looked at.  The future of our nation is not good, if the media, external influence and social fora/media is all we have to raise our youth and growing children.  The celebration of ills and carefree attitude to hither to obnoxious issues need a revisit. 

To reduce Corruption, it start from our minds, we need to get our children, youth and growing populace to start renewing our thoughts and minds with the right things.  We need to have an enabling environment that will encourage such, through the materials we read, watch and listen too.  Our Home must be worked to morality stables in all the sense of it and our schools should be returned to the basics, that produced leaders in little and big ways.  Our places of work should be in the fore front of best practices, top down, from resumption time to salary/promotion and file movements.  Employments should return to merits and Federal Character & not sex, creed or tribe.  The time when declaration of age is not monitored and you have a man / woman become 30 years three or four times in his/her civil service career life should stop.  NYSC need to also look at either changing their rules or sought ways to stop the engagement of persons near 50 years as under 30s for youth corps.  If an unemployed female / male member of your church or mosque brings plenty monies as tithes/offering, counsel should be given such and not celebrate same and encourage others to follow example.

What I am trying to say is, we the people of Nigeria should take our future in our hands and start from us (me & you), then get our elected leaders now that they are in office to behave as promised.  That will reduce the need for EFCC tomorrow and it is better that we solve the problem before it happens.  And support the Agencies of Government to correct the already wrong happenings, but in a moral responsible way and not as vendetta.

This is not just Nigeria, Africans should take their future in their hands and call their Governments to action.  They need to account for Yesterday, tell us the Truth about today and consider the good of all for our tomorrow’s actions.  I pray Africa, soon, very soon, look into Africa first, before thing Paris, Brussels, China, India, UK, Dubai, Saudi, Israel, Germany or America.  Happy New Year, ‘which way Nigeria (Africa), Which way to go’.. (Remembering Sonny Okosun).