This Africa–Seasons Greetings.

Thoughts of Africa getting better is getting the more scarier, to any/all who have eyes on bigger pictures, than Religious squabbles, crises between different divides by minds that will not sit to discuss issues, families divided on the platter of greener pastures or scavenging for more resources, genderization of issues hitherto not an issue as respect was above sexes. Leaders who keep their seats by all means, irrespective of the wishes / desires of the led. 

Today Africans feel better as second class citizens on far away lands and so many others are spending colossal amounts to gain such status.  When will Africa truly regain the heights of the Pharaohs, The Ethiopian Lords, The Nubian Knights, The Carthaginian Generals, The excellence Academic Citadels of Timbuktu and the respect / admiration of past Heroes, like the Mansa Moussas, Kakanfos, Sundiattas, The Amazons, et al.

China another ancient civilisation, instead of the importation of Harvard’s, Cambridge, Oxfords, Stanford’s et. al.  They went round the world and studied the weaknesses of academia’s and systems in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas; they returned to China to proffer solutions to the world.  Now India has followed the trend. But Africans? are un-shamefacedly, now a dumping ground for all, including the Asians, Far East in addition to the former colonial Lords.

As the world grows towards borderless unified newbies, where techies can give and take life. Africa with very primordial ICT infrastructure will be at the tail, if measures are not taken to reverse the various scourges that seem to re enslave the continent, than give it the desired place amongst it’s peers.

A new year is fast approaching, it is my prayer that ‘’We will be blessed with Joy, Peace, Grace and Love above measure.  That the Spirit of Reconciliation will cover our families, lands and continents, that Restoration flow will abound to one and all around us”.  I pray that 2016 will be the start of our being who we truly need to be as individuals, family, nation and continent, for the betterment of the world at large.  Compliments of the season to you and all your loved ones.


Graduate Employment–Information.

Random thinking, will information of the what, where and when of jobs help the millions of graduates being produced into a jungle of job struggles?

This is a try on getting the information closer to as many as can read this……

For more information….

Let me know if this is useful so we can reach out to more people.

Good luck and God’s Grace.