Would you pray with me?

Thank God it is Friday we say as we welcome the weekend.  This weekend is so eventful for so many in the world.

I am humbly asking not so many, just a few that can join me pray tomorrow.  You only need to say a pray and that is enough.

For what you may ask? 

1. People in Kogi State Nigeria will be electing a Governor this Saturday, 21st of November, 2015.  

a. Pray with me that Peace will reign

b. The Security Agents will be at their best in proactively guarding the electorate and citizenry.

c. The Electoral Officers, having the first test for the new Team, that their performance will be above average (free and fair).

d. That people who will want to start trouble, should have the trouble returned to the senders.

5. Above all that the right/best person will emerge.

2. Pray for places having challenges, like Syria, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali, France and the North Eastern region of Nigeria.

3. Pray for you and me praying, that God will meet us at the points of our needs.

Thank you for being a part of seeing the world get better through Divine Intervention.

with my Best Regards, Happy Weekend.


One thought on “Would you pray with me?

  1. Today, Sunday has marked the end of the elections in Kogi State, with the result being undecided, we thank God for mercies. It was a peaceful and successful elections. We thank God for answered prayers and also thank everybody that shared a minute to pray as requested. We know God has answered all our prayers. Again, Thank you and God bless you immensely for praying.

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