Fixed Charge – Power Holding or NEPA?

The Power Holding Company of Nigeria or National Electric Power Authority has been in the news / front burner for such a very long time.  Now that we are having Ministers handling ministries that have Industrialization, Commerce, Power, Works, Finance under their purview it is hoped that better will the days ahead be.

For us the teaming Nigerian Consumers, it is time to join Ambode in his quest to have the citizenry become responsible and demand the leaders to also be.  When the electorate participates only in elections, wahala is the result that follows.  I stand with H.E. Governor Ambode and say lets us start participating actively in the the governance of our localities and nation at large.

A young new tenant dried up his savings to pay his rent in full, for a house in a quiet suburb of a state capital, only to discover that the credit on the prepaid meter was almost exhausted.  Knowing he stays less than 8 hours daily in the house, he decided to get at least some small credit, to keep him going before the end of the month.  On reaching the PHCN office he was returned his N1,000.00 and told he had a bill of over N22000.00 to settle before he can purchase any light credit.  His complaints of being a new tenants went on deaf ears.  The caretaker has collected his monies and like the motor park tout, is inaccessible.  As a new comer to a town, at that time, that had easy calm, he painfully looked for the monies and paid for light (though epileptic) to be sustained in the house.

Testimonies will differ, but pains are same.  Why should people pay for the inefficiencies of others?  Why should people pay for services not rendered to them?  Why should organizations be so immune to the heart cries and pains of the people they are suppose to serve and you cannot even take them to court? If the MTN Chief Executive were a Nigerian, he will not be told to resign because of the levy slammed on MTN by NCC, instead there will be massive sack / dismissal of workers.   Nigeria needs to start reflecting global best practices in all areas.

The service industry, charges for services, Yes they do, but not for un-rendered service.  I will hope/think both PHCN and NERC are working on ways forward.  My suggestion, very personal and humble, is that the Agencies concerned, should learn from the Tourism/Hospitality Industries.  Charges and Taxes are as you consume them.  A 5 – 10% service Charge on PHCN Consumers will go a long way to enable them get their charges, instead of a fixed charge.  So if I consume N5000 / month I pay 500 (that is if the charge is 10%), while someone that consumes N50000.00 (is charged N5000). If I do not use my light at all, then I pay nothing at all.

This I believe will be a good reason for PHCN to provide enough electricity for people to consume more and people will not feel bad paying for services rendered.  At the end of the day, the little consumer pays little and the bigger consumer pays more.

Like I said it is a humble personal suggestion.  On a lighter mood, I look forward to when PHCN will start replacing chargers, electronics and machineries, because their electricity damaged the consumers wares. 

Nigeria dey better.


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