A double Barrel Approach–Interior and Defence.

This is a very short one, it is actually a prayer for peace and security in our dear land.

General Dan Ali (rtd), is a one Gentle man that has traversed the crannies and echelon of the military.  He had very good mentors, like General Gado Nasko, who was a highly respected Officer in all the positions he held especially as Minister of Agric and later FCT.    The new Minister of Defence had all the potential of a rising Crown Prince.  I rejoice with him today as he moves into the highest defence office as Minister.

Gen. Danbazzau, an Academic Military General, I rate with respect like the Powel of Nigeria.  I saw this man, when all his close colleagues were made Military Administrators, and his name missed, we went to congratulate him in error (of then Col. Shuaib as Plateau MILAD).  He rejoiced with us and with high sense of Royal Humility and sense of responsibility accepted and extended our felicitations to the right person.   My prayers has never reduced for him.  He encouraged so many of us to continue reading, with his blessings.  As Chief of Army Staff, on an official visit to Bauchi, amidst the crowd and business of the day, recognised and spent time encouraging us to keep increasing our good works.   His coming into to harness the affairs of Nigeria’s home front, desires our prayers and full support.

Now that the pegs are round in holes that are round, from Sambissa forest to the tributaries of the Niger, militants should beware. The Nigerian Borders, Cattle rustlers, Kidnappers, Oil Bunkerers and Small Arms Dealers beware.

My Prayer, yes my Prayer is that – The Almighty Maker of the Heavens and the Earth, will give this nation peace in our time.  That Nigeria will become a no-come area for persons who have ills in their minds.  That from Maiduguri to Bakassi, Sokoto’s Gobir / Sabon Birni to the Badary, Seme and Owode axis, Smugglers of Arms, insurgencies, kidnappings and all forms of unrests will be sent back to the senders, whether inside or outside our borders.  That the Uniformed and Plain Clothes Security personnel, will be so elevated/motivated to receive respect at home like they do on foreign missions.  That their families, in service and even after, will stand tall and proud that their children, parent served the nation and they have what to show for it.  May our tired, retired, reserved forces and those resting in their graves never have cause again to regret their years in service, because of pension or retirement benefits.

In earnest I pray that the Defence Industries will come alive again and reduce the monies we spend importing and in fact start exporting to other nations.  That the Kaduna Air-beetle dream will grow to become Hercules and the Bauchi Defence Installations, will force the Bauchi Airport to become a defence and manufacturers export Zone or Inland Port.   That Defence Academy/University will increase to have Defence Research Institutes, where we can harness the minds and knowledge of our cream de la cream in the Military, Police, Security and Civil Services after their retirements, instead of allowing them to rot in villages / towns for lack of intellectual challenges or low intellectual usage.

For us we will continue in prayers for you and your officers for success, as we are only able to progress in the midst of Peace and Security.  God bless and Keep Nigeria One and Peaceful.


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