Bauchi Welcomes the APC Progressive Governors.

A Yankari welcome, to all the APC Progressive Governors and their Entourage.   This is an epoch making event, that we in Bauchi hope will be just the beginning.   For the the Bauchi Tourism stakeholder, what will we want the visitors to see and experience in Bauchi?  I am sure I will not be alone to ask that they visit places than their meeting venue.

In my dreams, I will hope that:-

* The Sports Ministry will organise a special friendly novelty football match between the Progressives Governors and a team of selected Internally displaced Children at the Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Stadium.  

* A Special visit to the Trauma Centre for prayers, and encourage those on admission

* If only for to make history, visit the Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Rest House in Bayara and see the show of modesty  it still exudes of the Late Premier.

* The Bauchi Golf  and Polo Club, organise a special outing at the Clubs for the visiting Excellences and their Guests.

* The Visitors will have a detour and visit the Industrial layout and see what their states can source from Bauchi as a substitute to India, China or Malaysia.

* The Cultural Agencies (both State and National) will bring together a cream of talents and have a command performance for this our visitors.

* That the Hospitality outfits will have their chefs join hands and bake a very big APC Progressive Governors Cake as a Welcome, please Come again gesture from the Tourism sector.

*  Our Masa joints enjoy patronage and high exports from Bauchi, when the guests are leaving

* All water to be consumed, be the one from Bauchi.  Yes gara su sha ruwan Bauchi, Yankari on my mind; Fariah to be precise.

* I pray the service charge of hotels and restaurants this month will be good to make Christmas worth the while.

* is that all, No.  I hope we will all get to tell the Executive Governor Thank you and ask that it be repeated soon.  

* My actual prayer is that Yankari will become the place, President Buhari, Osibajo, the Ministers and Governors of all states and Chief Executives of our Companies and Agencies, will start using as retreat and get away place.  It can truly be the Nigeria’s version of America’s Camp David.

* Finally, I hope our Bauchi Media houses have been mobilised to show case the best of Bauchi to this our Executive Visitors.

* At the end of your Stay, Excellences, we say Bon Voyage and please come back again.

May the meeting be successful with results that will touch the generality of humanity, especially in this region.  May we see the sweetness of communion and oneness amongst the leadership of our Nation and pray it trickles down to us.  Again, Happy Deliberations.

Adamu  Ayuba

Consultant – Fariah Suite Bauchi.


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