Ministerial Nominees, I thought.

The list was truly a surprise, to so many for dreamt, professed names that were not called.  Let’s see I hear some tell me the appointments have not finished.  I hear you, but the level of adrenaline in our blood is now near High Blood (God forbid, Amen), I didn’t say Pressure, I meant High boiling point.  Because, water boils at 100 degrees centigrade, but if you add salt, the boiling point increases. In so many case, salt, pepper, thyme, alligator pepper, cowries, chicken, ginger and olive oil have been added to the water (i.e holy water, zanzan water or anointing oil).  Prayer houses go chop too now?  It is Nasional case (National Cake) abi?

Some of us had thought we will see names like: –

Prof. Tam David West;
Prof. Soludo;
Prof. Ekpo;
Dr Ibrahim Yakubu Lame;
Prof. Remi Sonaiya;
Abike Dabiri;
Chf Don Eteibet;
Chf Emmanuel Bello;
Ghali Naabba;
Chive Kaave; Prof. Femi Odekunle;
Ahmed M. Gumel;
Dr Lazarus Soni;
Prof. Andrew;
Bar. Sunday Kayit;
Tom Adaba;
Ayodele Aderinwale;
Pastor Bakari;
Dr Pate; Ayo Odutan;
Prof. W. Quirix; Muhammadu L. Barau (rtd)
Arch. Polycarp Gbaja
Hon. Musa Wuyep
Hannatu Balogun
Amb. Joe Keshi
Prof. Nuhu Yaqub
Dr. Adindu
Prof. Goke Adegoroye
Ibrahim Talba,
Rufai Garba
Prof. Peter Okebukola
Arch. Salis G. Mohammed
Jafaru Damulak
AbdulAzeez Kaita
Philip Zegetar Iyortyer;  I have not seen their names, have you? I am sure you also have some expectancies that were not met.  Buharism, is not a little to the right and little to the left, it is the unexpected.

But no, we are shown the more that the President is of cause for everybody and Nobody.  I did not include my name, because am sure the rains will reach us Nigerians, from where ever will fall.

For the nominated and Pass NASS’ (like pass NIPSS, War College and Jaji), I pray the wind of change will bring the needed transformation and people oriented progress in your places of National Assignment.  Like NYSC, those that lobby for juicy ministries will instead pray to achieve success in their assignment.  For those yet to pass NASS, our prayers go with you also, that the Nays will not be like the Lai Mohammed’s portion, that enjoyed Senate President Saraki’s pseudo veto.  To the many of us who are still expectant, we are still on our knees, especially for the Josephs (who though in prison had the Answer for the redemption of Egypt); The Davids (who though young was needed to kill the Goliath disturbing Israel);  The Elijahs/Elishas (who declare National prophetic declarations, that came to pass, saving Israel from many woes); Like the Abraham Lincolns / PMB who tried severally failed and later succeeded as Presidents (in America, ended Slave Trade; In Nigeria bringing a ray of hope in hitherto comatose sectors like NEPA/AIRWAYS/OIL&GAS, before any spending is started).  We pray for those miracle hands/persons, like the Ijebu abi na Egba lady, that seems to have the financial wisdom of Late Pa Awolowo, that made our then young Wusasa, Uncle Jack, say the egunje dey yafu yafu, we don’t know how to spend it.

May our Children and Children’s Children never go through the wastages we saw ourselves enter with our eyes open and heads in place, as if we were Nationally bewitched.  May we never go back to our national vomits.  God bless Nigerians and the Federal Republic.  


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