Cloud of Witnesses.

I have heard this phrase from a very tender age, the mystery surrounding this still is all over me.  As a child, some bigger boys got me into stealing sweets for exchange with kod’i a toy made of snail shell, children spin it in different styles and try to obstruct the turning shell, so that it can turn over and close the open surface to the ground in the shape of a cone.  The first success, led to the second and the third, till my elder sister, caught me.  She lured me into sharing my loot with her and later turned it as evidence of thievery to our father.

Daddy to me was like a deity, his eyes sees into my bones and marrow.  I dare not lie to him because he already knows the truth.  That was my understanding at that time.  The cane was a disciplinary tool I dreaded, but dreaded more my father’s rebuke.  My Father called and asked if what my elder sister said was true, like the little angel I was, I answered ‘yes’.  Why? I kept silent, because exposing the other culprits will get me bullied beyond your wildest imagination, if their parents were told.  I decided to take full responsibility for my action.   My father’s pastoral side came on and he started telling me of God having an all seeing eyes and recording all our actions.   I remember asking my father, ‘will God see me even, if it was under the bed and dark?’

With years I have come to know that Light and Darkness are same with the Almighty; in creation, we are told that the Earth was dark, void and without form.  In other words, the Earth was Pitch / Thick Black, Empty and Shapeless, Order less or Chaotic.  Even in that state, the Almighty was able to define it as it was because, He was able to Know, See, Understand and feel the nature/state of the earth even in the dark, void and shapeless stance.   It terrified me no less to also read in the Bible that The Almighty has all around us a “cloud of witnesses”.   Hebrew 12 :1 King James Bible
”Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,”.  


Cloud to me made better meaning with the emergence of Cloud, GRID computing, it made me see cloud as a GIGANTIC Network.  So we have a very Great GIGANTIC Network of witnesses.  Who are they? How do they operate? Why are they there?  Keep asking, we will know in the by and by, I hear a hymn say.  Have you ever heard some say, ‘they call the earth, sea or air or nature to bear witness’?  Have ever heard of the blood of murdered persons cry unto the Maker from the earth?  Maybe as a elementary physics student, you have studied optics and noted that a pin hole in any container is able to transmit the events (pictures) on the other side of the container.   Even our doors / windows, if there is a little gap where light can come in, you are able to sight moving objects transmitted effortlessly into the room.  Many more examples, are those the recorders or witnesses?

Any seeker, will live his/her life in the awe that the hidden secrets of the mind are bare before the Maker, more so what is done in the most secret hidden crevices of our societies.  We are told that even things done in the dark will be brought into light.  Now than ever is the time for us as a people and Nation to check our doings, so when the witnesses come in the form of Code of Conduct Bureau, Economic and Financial Crime Commission or ICPC, we will have slates clean and transparent.   As we age, there is need to lay down anything that will bring or increase ones stress, as this life is worth more if you gain your soul before your wealth no matter how small.  Why should you gather what you will not enjoy and other who did not suffer the gathering will come to scatter same after you?

With this cloud of witnesses, that am sure are more efficient than the Custom officers at the check points, the State Security Agencies or Intelligence Agencies, The Military or just our parents /teachers/employers.  It is time for the Suicide Bombers to know that they are not hidden, for the Kidnappers to know that their secrets are soon going to be exposed, for the Arm robbers to know that a day will come for the owner. For the one sneaking in to sleep with the neighbours wife, daughter or house maid, that one be one, monkey wey go market no go come back.  That the exam malpracticers, will not last long.

I hear a ministerial nominee confess, he was part of the sponsors of Kudirat radio, one day we will get to know those that burnt the Cocoa house in Ibadan and the NITEL building in Lagos.  We will come to hear of the ones that Killed Dele Giwa and Bola Ige and their sponsors.  The Killers of General Shuwa will stand to say who sent them.  The true stories of people like Nzegwu’s reason for killing the Sardauna.  But the most fearful one, am not sure how true, that more people are killed through Abortion than any war in history, those little souls will also be accounted for.   The fight for right living is all encompassing and affects us all.

I pray as always, that our ends will be better than our beginnings.  That we will make things right before our time to say good bye to this side of eternity.  That at the end we can restfully say, we have accomplish the tasks we were assigned to do before the start of time.  May it end well for us.


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