Is this rest?

Peaceful Rest (image size 60x80cm) (1)A former Governor jumped bail in the UK, like so many others, some known and others, being talked of.  The Government that smeared him, cleared him or is it granted him amnesty?  The vision of years of imprisonment resurfaced with the advent of General Buhari, now President Muhammadu Buhari and series of meetings with world leaders, brought in a new vista on the war against financial/economic corruption.

The request for the former Governor to be returned to UK for continuance of his case was gathering momentum, just to wake up to the news of his death.   May God grant comfort to the family and friends, may we end up well, when our time comes.  maxresdefaultpeaceful_rest_valley___earthbound_by_pictureonprogress-d5wqvo0

Is this rest? Nigerian Monies are involved, monies meant for Roads, Schools, Hospitals, Salaries, Housing, Pension, Security, Orphans and Widows(ers), Infrastructure, Environment and what have you.  What will happen to the monies now?  Will the trial continue post humus (like in the Military)? or the case rests?  I pray and hope he made his case right with his Maker before the demise, the after life is still dark for most of men.  I imagine the thoughts of persons in his shoes, who alive, not yet caught or jumped bail, will be thinking now.  The mind of a man, is the actual war front of life.  Cardiac Arrest is now becoming increasingly rampant and medicine alone have not been able to manage cases well.

Is this rest?  May be for the departed on issues concerning him directly, but the cry is not for the dead, it is for us alive.  Like a Great Sage said, when being led to die, that people should cry for themselves and not for him.

An experience with a simple fracture that got complicated, is not one I will wish for my worst enemy, death though inevitable, I pray, should come at a good time for all.  Being very advanced in age and having put all affairs in order and waiting for the day.   But to us alive, we need to have that readiness daily as assurances are not ours to hold or give.

Personally, I will not want to hear of another demise, with cases of Accidents, London and American traverse of a serving Senator and the increasing social media talks of severe cancer management of a past minister.   Could it be feasible to have a relook at a template offered by a very respected Criminology Professor Odekunle, that fair bargain option (Which I surnamed ‘’’the Zacheus Principle’’), where a person of his/her own accord will reach out to the appropriate reconciliatory agency and return a 70-80% of the loot in exchange for amnesty.  This looks good, because, corruption in Nigeria is not á one person deal, it is from messenger, clerk, secretary, auditor, accountant, director, junior, middle, senior staff; it is the traditional, health, education, business, social sectors and what have you.   If a person carries N10, by the time he reaches home, N3-5 must have exchanged hands.  If you hold him to pay the N10 he will not be able to hold the other smaller culprits to cough out their own share.  A case in mind is that of a one time Sheraton Lagos Account Staff and a Church, he mentioned purchasing a multimillion naira generator and giving huge offerings, the media sold well, am not sure they were able to recover all monies stolen.

The generic pressures of any elected / appointed office is what leads some to acquire anyhow to assuage the tides and times.  Since the days of IBB have gone (with offices made to cater for their community / families), this new paradigm shift to responsible governance should factor proactive steps to halt/minimise the effect of both little and big foxes that damage the vine.

I will pray that The Buhari led Administration, will look at all cases, especially ones out of the country and see how we can recover through the must expedient means resources scattered abroad by serving and served high and middle placed officials.  A look into close neighbours like Benin, Togo, Ghana, Gambia, Cameroon, Niger and Chad, will surprise you.  South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe, will amaze you.  Nigerians are the number one haters of their country, they prefer any other place but home,  very pathetic indeed.  The Lebanese, Indian, Chinese, American, European will come to Nigeria and work to better their nations, Nigerians at home will steal from Nigeria and go to better other Nations.  Some Nigerians in Diaspora, will come to Nigeria, do business here and repatriate the monies to their countries of aboard (second country in some cases) at the detriment of their Motherland.  It is not so with other Nationals.  I look forward to when we will start loving ourselves, before going out to love others as our selves.

I need to get to church, but let me close near where I started, what rest can a person have, ‘’If he/she gains (steals) the Whole World and then Loses his/her soul?’’  I rest my script praying that, “We who are still living, will make it right with our Maker and the people /nation around us, even if nobody knows and we are yet to be caught, I pray that we will stay in preparation for the time of departure, knows no age, race, tribe, creed or class.  That we will live our remaining lives with Peace of mind and with our neighbours, that our health will be both mental, spiritual and physical.  I pray that Nigeria will increasing rise beyond the troubles of today to the wonderful future our founding fathers dreamt and much more.  May we see that in our days and pass same to generations we are living behind us.  I hear so many say Amen.   God bless and Keep Nigerians from the temptations of covetousness and deliver Nigerians from all Evils.


Adamu Ayuba


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