The Fights of Yesterday.

Nigeria is coming not of age, but returning to the age, it was suppose to be from time.  Structures needed today to better the lives of the citizenry, were laid down by our National Fathers on good foundations, in some cases before independence.  For lack of history, so many persons believe Nigeria started with Christianity and Islam, when you hear the debates and diatribes on issues of national / global interests.  The Kuti’s are swallowed by Fela’s music/life then and now.  The blood and sweats of the Macaulays, Macebus, Sundiattas, Kankanfos, Oranmiyans, have all followed the wind, when you hear Nigerian leaders/speakers making reference to Abraham Lincolns, Jeffersons, Washingtons, Ghandi’s for lack of Nigerian or African similitudes.

I look forward to when our youths will start researching / talking on the who, what, where, when and whys of persons like Jaja Wachuku,  Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther,  Herbert Macaulay, Christopher Okigbo, Hezekiah Oladipo Davies, Ernest Ikoli, Eyo Ita, H.O Davis, J.C. Vaughn, Oba Samuel Akinsaya (aka General Saki), James Churchill Vaughan, Kwame Nkrumah, Dr Kofo Abayomi, Chief Douglas Numa, Henry Carr, Chief Anthony Enahoro, Ladoke Akintola and so many others.  This knowledge will do more for our national development and is possible with the kind of passion our youths speak of football clubs and players with excellent details.

It is with the hope that we will start talking and working on our informal / formal school curricula to ensure that our children and people know where we are from, devoid of religious, tribal and other regional sentiments.  Let us know our Heroes past, appreciate the labours of our Heroes and then only can we ask ourselves where we are on the ladder of the dreams and aspirations of our founding fathers.

At 55 years, it is not late. With the coming of Buhari, the country is blessed with a timing for proper re-orientation, reconstruction / resuscitation of national structures on the foundation of our Founding Fathers.

It is on that note that I caution especially or fathers, the Nigerian Politicians, on issues that might lead to derailing the wonderful work of rebuilding we now see in this new administration.  Heating the polity with impeachment treats and under cutting measures, will not lead us anywhere.  You do not need a prophet to tell you it is not yet Uhuru in the two Chambers of the National Assembly.  I pray, sincerely pray, that personal aspirations and dreams of individuals will surrender to the National desire and aspiration of our 55 year old Baby – Nigeria. 

HBD Nigeria.  God bless Nigerians as individuals and as a Nation.


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