The breeze of this Eid tide, comes with mixed feelings globally. From the first issues of crane collapsing and killing several persons to the stampede that claimed more lives.   The Saudi Arabian compensations to a hungry boy in Bauchi Nigeria, brought regrets that non of his was amongst.  Pity, we all shouted, as no amount of money can purchase a life/time and it best to stand for life above any material gain. But again, that is what hunger can cause, no wonder some are ready to be suicide bombers, if only the life hereafter will be more blissful and the persons they leave behind are well catered for.  The pity is no one comes back to tell story of the aftermath.

I join the numerous that have to pray that the Almighty console all that are bereaved and bring speedy divine healing to the injured.  It is also our plea that the concerned authorities of the affected, will ensure that promises are kept and implemented as announced.  That measures are also taken and adhered to, for avoidance of any future re-occurrence.

Back at home, some young Quranic Scholars, opined that sanity has started returning to our systems, irrespective of their expectations not being met, in respect of the amount of meat they got this year.

Nigeria has seen and is in a Season, some call it a season of Change.  As our Muslim Faithfulls celebrate this season of sacrifice, may we as Nigerians see a resultant flow of the expected blessings, especially on issues of Insurgences and Peaceful Co-existence in areas that were eluded of that previously.   May we see the return of our sisters, daughters, wives, girl friends and friends abducted so many months ago.  May we see the return to homes of Internally displaced persons, who have lost all they built for decades/centuries in some cases.  May we see a time when our Military and Security forces will be defenders more of our territorial borders from external insurgents and not within our borders.  May we see a change in the hearts of our Business men, Civil Servants, Clerics, Parents, Family, Market people, Students and Teachers, Medical practitioners, Politicians and rulers (both traditional and political), a change for the better.  For a Better us, yes, from a Better Me.  

May the Clarion call of our Nation be heard far and near, with a willing/doing hearts.  May this be the true beginning of The New Nigeria.  

You have the assurances of my Highest Regards, as I wish us the very best and blessed Season’s Greetings.

As Always



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