President Buhari’s one day visit to Ghana – N60Million for Business in Ghana needs a revisit.

Ghana and Ghanaian’s need to understand that Ghana stands to gain more in the relations between the two countries.

Kudos to the Nigerians that have fought severally for the removal of the unfair levy on Nigerians business persons in Ghana. I remember Hon. Abike Dabiri the then Hon. Rep in charge of Nigerians in Diaspora tried her best in that regards on one of her visits to Ghana.

With the Population of Nigeria and Ghana, who gains more in trade? If Nigeria decides to do the usual quid pro quo thing and charge Ghanaian Businesses in Nigeria N60,000,000.00 (US$300,000.00), like they are charging Nigerians how many Ghanaian food vendors and Traditional Medicine sellers will survive? I went into a bauchi (in the North West of Nigeria) supermarket an saw processed peanuts (packaged) from Ghana and marveled if the Kano Groundnut farmer have realized that their market share is dwindled.

We were of recent told of the many Nigerians that have established businesses in Ghana, only to be challenged by very unfriendly policies after the projects are completed or cant be reversed. The Nigerians taking Tours, Conferences and Monies to Ghana for reasons of brotherhood and ECOWAS spirit have not realised how many Nigerians they starve to keep Ghana afloat.

If Nigerians will only for a time, decide to remove, retain or avoid Ghana with their trade, products and visits, I am sure Ghana, Togo and Benin will catch cold amongst others.

A reporter was heard mentioning the Ghanaian President’s need to go to their National Assembly and revert or amend the law on the US$300,000.00 levy. Some of us in Nigeria wonder why a person having N60,000,000.00 instead of putting up a business in Nigeria, will pay that as cost of license to do business in Ghana? How much do the Ghanaian pay to do business in Nigeria?

On the issues of Security, we heard, though not proven, that the Nigerian caught in Europe with a Bomb in his pants, actually boarded the Aircraft from Accra Ghana, the foreign press blasted Nigeria so much with no mention of Ghana, whose security failed to detect the bomb. While we are our brothers keepers, other Africans should realise that the hatred and very unfriendly attitudes showered on Nigerians need to stop, so Africa can become a home for all Africans.

While commending the Two Presidents for a very promising exchange, that will open ECOWAS for ECOWAS citizens, It is hoped that the other arms of the countries Legislature will contribute their support to make this region a home for all.


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