Declaration of Assets….. On a Lighter Note.

This people declaring, Monies, Houses Trees and Wives…

….. hope they will not start declaring mistresses.

What is the purpose of Asset Declaration?  For comparison and reduction of corruption am sure.  Has it helped in the past?  How can we proactively ensure a political appointee with a borrowed Jeep, does not end up having 10 Bullet proof Jeeps (2015 Models) within 6 months of his/her entre’?

That an appointment of one man, does not become an avenue for his/her whole village/clan to join the looting of federal reserves?

That the Structures / Officers of/in Government are held responsible for any/all mis use of public property or funds as Career Civil Servant are like barracks that stay put, even after the political appointees are removed.

May we live to see our Reserves, competing with Nations that before now laugh at us and made our Parent, Relations and Children laughing stock in their lands.

God bless Nigerians and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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