The breeze of this Eid tide, comes with mixed feelings globally. From the first issues of crane collapsing and killing several persons to the stampede that claimed more lives.   The Saudi Arabian compensations to a hungry boy in Bauchi Nigeria, brought regrets that non of his was amongst.  Pity, we all shouted, as no amount of money can purchase a life/time and it best to stand for life above any material gain. But again, that is what hunger can cause, no wonder some are ready to be suicide bombers, if only the life hereafter will be more blissful and the persons they leave behind are well catered for.  The pity is no one comes back to tell story of the aftermath.

I join the numerous that have to pray that the Almighty console all that are bereaved and bring speedy divine healing to the injured.  It is also our plea that the concerned authorities of the affected, will ensure that promises are kept and implemented as announced.  That measures are also taken and adhered to, for avoidance of any future re-occurrence.

Back at home, some young Quranic Scholars, opined that sanity has started returning to our systems, irrespective of their expectations not being met, in respect of the amount of meat they got this year.

Nigeria has seen and is in a Season, some call it a season of Change.  As our Muslim Faithfulls celebrate this season of sacrifice, may we as Nigerians see a resultant flow of the expected blessings, especially on issues of Insurgences and Peaceful Co-existence in areas that were eluded of that previously.   May we see the return of our sisters, daughters, wives, girl friends and friends abducted so many months ago.  May we see the return to homes of Internally displaced persons, who have lost all they built for decades/centuries in some cases.  May we see a time when our Military and Security forces will be defenders more of our territorial borders from external insurgents and not within our borders.  May we see a change in the hearts of our Business men, Civil Servants, Clerics, Parents, Family, Market people, Students and Teachers, Medical practitioners, Politicians and rulers (both traditional and political), a change for the better.  For a Better us, yes, from a Better Me.  

May the Clarion call of our Nation be heard far and near, with a willing/doing hearts.  May this be the true beginning of The New Nigeria.  

You have the assurances of my Highest Regards, as I wish us the very best and blessed Season’s Greetings.

As Always



El-Rufai and the Closure of Churches in Saminaka Kaduna State.

El-Rufai and the Closure of Churches in Saminaka Kaduna State.

The task must have been an odious one, trying to tow the line of religious divides very carefully, but seeing it from the angle of Governance and the desire for the maintenance of peace, any action can be justified. Especially in the light of several, as reported, attempts to the divisive factions reconcile on peacefully agreeable terms.

Saminaka a very important town to several tribal groups in the eastern-lies of Kaduna State, bordering Bauchi, Kano and Plateau States. A junction town of sort, with routes enjoyed by especially smugglers from time. It links to Jos, Kano, bauchi, Zaria/Kaduna or Abuja/Kafanchan axis. Historically a number of the tribes migrated from Bauchi, Jos or Kano to the region. Before now called Rahama, it has a twin Rahama in Bauchi and the present name of the Local Government area Lere (which is also the name of a town Lere), also has it’s twin in Bauchi South from where a Senator Ali Wakili is from.

The Theological College of Northern Nigeria or is it Theological Seminary, has been in Saminaka, from the colonial era predating independence, it has graduated so many clerics and evangelists, amongst which my father is, in the 1940’s and ’50’s. As a primary school pupil in Samaru Zaria, I got in contact with the International Correspondence Institute Jos Plateau State. On registering, I realised the Institution was domiciled in Saminaka and faculty in The United States of America. I was privileged to do a number of Certificate and later a Diploma programs before my finishing Primary School, from the Institute. I still remember the name of my Tutor in America, one Mrs Gladys Rosenburg, a person I have never met in life. I am, also, one of myriads that have benefitted from the Saminaka Institute. Assembly of God’s Mission, like the Seventh Day Adventist have been very silent workers in the remote villages and towns of this region and have my respect for the selfless service they have been rendering to humanity.

I did my secondary school there like many others, thanks to the educational integration policy of our fathers to have students from different parts of the state. We were the third graduating set of the Government Secondary School, Saminaka now Government College Saminaka. As students we had severally interacted with this peace loving churches and they with us. They were all family, irrespective of the ECWA, Baptist, Anglican, Seven Days Assembly or Assemblies of God’s Mission, we originally were from. While not fishing for worms that have led to the fracas in the Assemblies, I still cannot imagine how the foundations laid by decades of ‘sweats, bloods and sacrifices’ of millions, could be allowed to decay under the selfish uncompromising stance of a few?

The intervention of the Governor is welcome as am told, crisis in that region is not one you will want to experience, Ahmed Makarfi and his Successors will attest to that. I only wish the situation would have the serious intervention of the National Headship of the Church and CAN / PFN. (I am sure the likes of Pastor Abel Damina, the Youth President of PFN, being an Indigene of the locality, could grant both insight and be part of the resolvers). The situation where religious leaders are resorting to civil courts, leaves the followers with a big hole as spiritual/religious matters are best resolved spiritually/religious.

May be Peace reign increasingly in our land. Shalom

When the head is good, check also the toes.

When the head is good, check also the toes.

It is a truism that what affects the finger affects the whole body. You will be made a believer, when you meet a person suffering from severe toothache or painful boil in the groin or pile. No just stomach cramps or menstrual pains.

The change in governance has come with so many challenging wait and see stances. The Nigerian ruler-ship has seen change from a ‘Party Team Work’ to a ‘Buhari Team’ work and over 100 hundred days into the administration, the silent unease that jump started the administration is the inertia that has kept it going. For instance, EFCC, PHCN, NNPC / Oil & Gas persons and so many other facets of the Nigeria we know is waking up to best practices and better services and Politicians are not as loud as they use to be. This is the first time a cabinet will spend over 100 days in office without Ministers.

While we are of the hope that Buhari is truly in control of the steering and not the newly formed ‘Idiagbons and the AIMS Consults’. Is the case same with the Governors and Local Government Chairpersons or administrators? I need to be corrected, especially in the North, 80 – 90% of elected offices were blindly Buhari’s and not even APC’s. So you hear politicians saying the Buhari Hurricane / Tornado will grant them victory, it did. But after that for lack of vision, they all, but for 2 or 3, are well seated in Abuja eavesdropping the Presidential Villa to hear / see the ‘What Next of Buhari and Osibajo’. That is not a good at all a democracy that needs sanitization, top down and down up.

Our fear is, if persons in governance are not carried along as a team of believers and doers, the few believers and doers will get weary and the hitherto status change, could return worst than the previous status quo. I refer to the Holy Book’s caution on exorcism, teaching us that if a place is emptied and not filled, the removed evils will form alliances with greater evils to return and re-occupy the cleaned areas. That has been a recurrent decimal in the Nigerian polity, if you only take a look at the various administrations, they were saints and saviors till the are out of office.

The President and his Villa Cabinet, need to understand that while the Presidency is Head, the Neck, Chest, Stomach, Legs, and Toes need to be carried along or one day, the head will not be able to jump out of bed. But the Permanent Secretaries and Civil Service are in place and are doing the work you may say. I understand, correction needed, this same people were the AGIP that hyped GEJ to his demise; go and check it. The Nigerian Civil Service is the Chief AGIP and detractors of meaningful change unless it affects them positively. The Politicians that fought to get Buhari into government are not noise makers, whether in the Government or opposition, like the insinuation tagged on a leader, they are part stakeholders and need to be carried along, else we will have a modified form of militarized democracy for lack of IBB’s genius terminologies.

There is the need to synerge the transition efforts of the Buhari Presidential Team with the Transitional efforts of the APC Transition Team (if any) and bring along the National Transitional aspirations of all other stake holders, so we can have a top down, down up effect of the changes that seem to be drizzling only from the White painted Villa.

The country is hungry and the waiting in sight looks longer than the magical wand effect expected. A people reaching measure that will get the Local Government Area Councils (nearest to the people) sync with what the Presidency is doing will reduce the heightened hardship and increase the speed of change desired.

Before you start reading me wrong, the change being carried out is a ‘must do’ for Nigeria, if we look for a better Nigeria. My add on is, when the people who hailed/praised Jesus on Palm Sunday changed their chant to crucify Him, the dynamic change from Hero to Villian shows the unstable state of man. An old woman in Bauchi Muda Lawan market was telling me the other day, that ‘the old is always more gentle’, I had to make her realise that change might not be ‘sweet-able’, like medicine, it is needed for improvement. The need is for the Government to carry the electorate and other informal sectors along, even if it means coating the medicine into palatable forms.

We are praying for a Nigeria where a village resident understands and works in sync with the urban dweller for the betterment of Nigeria, without the cain, as we are all stakeholders.  This I beleive if successful will further help the Suitanance of the Development Goals, that Ban Ki- Moon came to canvass Nigeria for.

President Buhari’s one day visit to Ghana – N60Million for Business in Ghana needs a revisit.

Ghana and Ghanaian’s need to understand that Ghana stands to gain more in the relations between the two countries.

Kudos to the Nigerians that have fought severally for the removal of the unfair levy on Nigerians business persons in Ghana. I remember Hon. Abike Dabiri the then Hon. Rep in charge of Nigerians in Diaspora tried her best in that regards on one of her visits to Ghana.

With the Population of Nigeria and Ghana, who gains more in trade? If Nigeria decides to do the usual quid pro quo thing and charge Ghanaian Businesses in Nigeria N60,000,000.00 (US$300,000.00), like they are charging Nigerians how many Ghanaian food vendors and Traditional Medicine sellers will survive? I went into a bauchi (in the North West of Nigeria) supermarket an saw processed peanuts (packaged) from Ghana and marveled if the Kano Groundnut farmer have realized that their market share is dwindled.

We were of recent told of the many Nigerians that have established businesses in Ghana, only to be challenged by very unfriendly policies after the projects are completed or cant be reversed. The Nigerians taking Tours, Conferences and Monies to Ghana for reasons of brotherhood and ECOWAS spirit have not realised how many Nigerians they starve to keep Ghana afloat.

If Nigerians will only for a time, decide to remove, retain or avoid Ghana with their trade, products and visits, I am sure Ghana, Togo and Benin will catch cold amongst others.

A reporter was heard mentioning the Ghanaian President’s need to go to their National Assembly and revert or amend the law on the US$300,000.00 levy. Some of us in Nigeria wonder why a person having N60,000,000.00 instead of putting up a business in Nigeria, will pay that as cost of license to do business in Ghana? How much do the Ghanaian pay to do business in Nigeria?

On the issues of Security, we heard, though not proven, that the Nigerian caught in Europe with a Bomb in his pants, actually boarded the Aircraft from Accra Ghana, the foreign press blasted Nigeria so much with no mention of Ghana, whose security failed to detect the bomb. While we are our brothers keepers, other Africans should realise that the hatred and very unfriendly attitudes showered on Nigerians need to stop, so Africa can become a home for all Africans.

While commending the Two Presidents for a very promising exchange, that will open ECOWAS for ECOWAS citizens, It is hoped that the other arms of the countries Legislature will contribute their support to make this region a home for all.

Declaration of Assets….. On a Lighter Note.

This people declaring, Monies, Houses Trees and Wives…

….. hope they will not start declaring mistresses.

What is the purpose of Asset Declaration?  For comparison and reduction of corruption am sure.  Has it helped in the past?  How can we proactively ensure a political appointee with a borrowed Jeep, does not end up having 10 Bullet proof Jeeps (2015 Models) within 6 months of his/her entre’?

That an appointment of one man, does not become an avenue for his/her whole village/clan to join the looting of federal reserves?

That the Structures / Officers of/in Government are held responsible for any/all mis use of public property or funds as Career Civil Servant are like barracks that stay put, even after the political appointees are removed.

May we live to see our Reserves, competing with Nations that before now laugh at us and made our Parent, Relations and Children laughing stock in their lands.

God bless Nigerians and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.