Bauchi State – Tourism Related Income.

I have seen and heard so much of talks about the potentials of Bauchi.   Most recently by one Suleiman Mohammed Doma, (Chairman, Bauchi State for Positive Change Initiative) in an open letter to the state Governor as published in the Trumpeter News of 8th – 14th July, 2015 page 6.

I will add, I stand to be corrected, that there was no mention of Tourism as a Potential in Bauchi State. Being the Pearl of Tourism in Nigeria, it shows why Bauchi is still not amongst the lead amongst tourism destination in Nigeria and the sub region.

For the very First Leader of the Independent Nigeria to hail from Bauchi is a good source of Education / Historical Tours. There is the Tomb and the Guest / Rest House of the Late Prime Minister. In the GRA on Sir Kashim Road is the Tomb of a Colonial Lord, that is also a site worth the mention like of the colonial artefacts in Lokoja, Kaduna, Calabar, Badagary, to mention just few.

As a student of Government College Saminaka (then Government Secondary School, Saminaka) in Kaduna State, we hear of Elephants from Bauchi State, destroying the homes and barns of Villagers in the Lere Local Government Area of the state. Coming to Bauchi, the silence on the Lame Game Reserve is disturbing, as it a Natural Eco-Tourism destination worth both mention and promoted as a tourism site/trap.

The case of Sumo Animal Park, is one that needs a high mention for both local, national and foreign tourist as another site.   The animals brought in from different locations and placed there to acclimatise are worth the visit and study for both education and leisure.

Yankari Game Reserves, (former National Park), is a destination for study, leisure, conference, camping, getaways and the most suitable Camp David of Nigeria for the President of the Federal Republic and Governors. This Reserves is one of the most popular natural reserves in the West African Sub region.

What are the potentials of this to Bauchi, directly and indirectly the Tourism sector in Bauchi can be the singular largest employer of labour, computed to have the potential of generating nothing less than N2.1B annually, this is verifiable.

How you may ask me? Go and check, the service industry, of which Tourism is key, is becoming a leading generator of revenue for nations far and near.

What is the problem, then? The Government of Bauchi needs to have a strategic action plan, with well laid out marketing and operational strategies to ensure that Bauchi State gets her own optimal share of the Nigerian/West African Tourism Revenue.

Adamu Ayuba

Consultant (Marketing) – Fariah Suites Bauchi Nigeria.


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