Housing schemes – lead us not into temptation.

“With a starting price of N8.2 Million you too can own a 2 bedroom bungalow at ASO Meadows Estate,Abuja.Call 07003300000 or visit http://www.asoplc.com/asomeadowsestate”

I saw the above advert sent to my phone.  Sleeplessly, I m full of prayers for a miracle.  This new government truly needs one.

How can the Buhari led Government stamp out corruption?

The 2 bedroom apartment is suppose to be the basic, for small/low and medium income earners.

Please try to get my drift.  A typical worker is struggling to get a ‘take home pay’ which has not been feasible. The N17,000 (US$85) monthly minimum wage has eluded almost all the states governments of the federation.  The worker in some cases is married to four wives, uncountable number of children, relatives and family. In the average of 20 persons per a family head.  This same person is managing 3 – 4 gsm lines (even if only with just flashing credit), for lack of any singular reliable telephone line.  He also suffers under the weight of all other national malaise, like, kerosene, petrol, health, education, market inflation.

A major number of Nigerians are under employed or unemployed but full of a near dogmatic religious faith / hope, that it will soon be well again.

To such a one he/she is looking to also benefiting from the national dividend of democracy we all came out to defend.

But with N17,000.00 per month or $85, that is N204,000 or $1020 per annum. This group of people if saving all their earnings will need about 42 years to save the needed amount.

In fairness to all stake holders, acceptable defences are available to support any side of this moral housing debate.  But mine is a need to have all stake holders, Government and public, revisit this housing issue and look for more realistic options that will lead us not into temptation.

Yes temptation, because In other to make it, our young and old sell their conscience for deals that will get them at least through this bridge.

If only God, will open some of of our files to show what and how we are able to gather the Crumbs, that has made so many landlords/ladies?  Am not sure if the 10 people needed to spare Sodom and Gomorrah will be obtained.

I honestly look for the time and hopefully soon, when the essentials of life, will not be luxuries for the average Nigerian.


A A Azaman
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