Change over

Egbon Kola share… 
As power changes hand in Nigeria today, l prophesy that every power that has taken you captive, terrorized your life, and slowed you down shall surrender today in Jesus name. Everyone wishing you death will bow in shame in Jesus name. Everyone wishing you failure and sorrow will be forced to celebrate you success and joy in Jesus name. You are released into your liberty.  Never again will you know shame. For your shame you will get double. The Lord turns your ashes to beauty. You are released into a season of overflowing joy, success, peace, abundance in Jesus name. The Lord will turn around your captivity. You will be like one that dreams. Everything you have lost shall be restored. Everything stolen shall be recovered. No member of your family will be used as sacrifice for this land. You will eat the good of this land. This new government will favour you. Every good thing you were unable to achieve in the days of Jonathan shall come to you with ease. The Lord will grant you divine speed. The Lord will bless your bread and your water. In this new regime you will see the glory of God. You will love the Lord and serve him.
If you receive this, let me hear your Amen.

A A Azaman
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