The God of the deaf and dumb.

In life a time comes when the child that cannot speak is blamed by the nanny, aunties, bigger children and even some parents for ills it cannot deny or accept.

In line, I wonder who defends the dumb and deaf of ills / wrongs labelled on them.

I remember Jesus, in the presence of his accusers. One even boasting, he can destroy / condemn Him or free Him. Jesus went as a silent Speechless Lamb for the slaughter.

The barrages personal campaigns on our leaders reminds me of same.

I have come to a knowing, that might need more enlightenment.
1 –  Judge / Condemn not for you are also not free of the sin (I’ll).
2 –  The Maker and Creator, protects both the defenseless and those who leave vengeance to Him.
3 –  If men where God, we will all be dead. Thank God, it is not so, therefore, we can live knowing that our life is not dependent on the myopic view of accusers.
4 – like the woman caught on adultery, if God does not hold you accused, hell breaking loose, cannot make you one.

Arise my people and live your full potential, having your conscience free and well focussed on getting God’s approval and defence.

May He who watches over Israel, watch over you, May He who watches over the sparrow, watch providingly over you and all yours today and always.

A A Azaman
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