Nigeria – God come and be with & for us.

Is it not ridiculous, we are so religious but empty? Thirsty by the pool, hungry in the barn and lacking knowledge in the library.

The ill that we must remove, should enable us make self concerted effort to drink from the pool and eat from the barn, while reading/learning to make our lives better.

As the days roll close to the change of baton what do you perceive?

The ones that have kept Nigeria in bonds do not appreciate the Power of Jubilee.  Tell them, if you’re close to them, that:-
1. When God begins a job, He finishes it. He will complete what He has started in Nigeria.
2. The death of Pharaoh at the red sea with all his army, the death of Saul, Jonathan and their amour bearers.
3. The death of Jezebel and not her husband.
4. Death of the very senior Government official, who saw and did not eat, but was trampled upon by the multitude.
5. The suicidal death of Judas Iscariot.
All these were as a result of persons stubbornly believing they can outsmart or are more powerful than the Creator, who is The Unchanging Changer.

This is a silent plea to all those balats, who have been assigned to do wrong on Nigeria.  The Eyes of God is on Nigeria and Nigerians so beware.  All those who dare curse the blessed are cursed a multiple fold.

May they who bless Nigeria and Nigerians be blessed also in multiples.

God, we humbly pray, that You arise in Nigeria, in Your Might and let all our enemies (secret, open, hypocrites, internal, external, military, intelligence, financial, commercial, religious, academic and all other wise) be explosively, destructively scattered. In Jesus mighty name. Amen.

A A Azaman
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