Who will tell Nigerians the Truth?

We are a group of people who live in a limbo of falsehood, from port harcourt to Sokoto, Lagos to Maiduguri.

A security man earning less that N7,000 (about US$35.00)/month, has three or four GSM phones, is married to three wives, with children in school and is still looking for a fourth wife.

A student having no scholarship and whose father is a civil servant earning less than N100,000 (US$503.00)/month, has a 2014 version of a 10-12M naira car and has the latest of all gadgets and play stations in his room.  The apartment he/she stays in is rented at about N500,000 (US$2,512.00) annum.

A driver, earning less than N50,000(US$25.00)month is having bank accounts in several banks with a minimum of  30Million Naira (US$150,734.00) in each accounts

The list goes on.  The civility of Nigerians is mind your business.

With all the paraphernalia of Governance and financial security, you only need to fine tune your stealing without being caught.  The end justifies the means you will hear so many say.

Who do we need to tell us the truth??

The emergence of a new government is useless except we as a people are ready to face the truth and live up to a different paradigm than the one that has led us to near comatose as Nation.  Nigerians are all looking for how to inflict financial wounds on the same nations that is bearing them.  So much so that as a Nation, what we have is fast becoming a fragmentation of family national units.

Borrowing an Elder Statesman’s words (Sunday Adewusi ex IG of Police), he said once, that, if you provide your Security, Road, water, Light and health for your household, you have become the government.  And that is true as now Nigeria is near a republic of Boreholes / Pure(sachet) Water, Beautiful Mansions and homes can compete with Kiri Kiri Maximum prison, for security(fear of robbers); a house without generator, can forget drinking cold water or preserving the food, hospitals has been turned inefficient prescription centres, with people dying for lack of less than a dollar for medication.

Amidst this, so many family families only eat South African or European Corn Flakes and not Jos Nasko or Golden Flour.  The Rice they eat has to be specially imported from India or American Long grain.  Thank God for the deliverance from frozen turkey and chicken (embalmed in chemicals used for embalming) no wonder they are brought in from Europe under harsh conditions and still rushed for than our locally raise birds.

Ghana is one country that is so close to us, but far ahead of us when patriotism is concern.  South African Xenophobic stance though evil, suffers the same Nigerians that killed themselves to free South Africans from bondage.  Liberia, Sierra Leone did similar things to Nigerians.  With all that Nigerians form the highest human imports to most nations of the world.

What will happen if Nigerians stand up in unison and say, Nigeria first before others in all things, from Policy to resources (Human and Natural)?  We as Nigerians will be respected more.  But you see embassies of small nations not near Nigeria, with thousands of our youths lining up and paying collousal sums for visas and yet they are abused at all fronts and they do not mind.   You enter a flight from Lagos to anywhere and they are giving Chinese, South African, Ethiopian, Turkish or Egyptian cuisine and we don’t complain or insist of a Nigerian alternative.

If we do not rise to the challenge of Nationhood, believe me give Nigeria another eight to twelve years, Chinese, Indians, Lebanese, Chadians, Nigerien, Ghanaian and others, will recolonize not just our thots and tastes, but also our wallets, villages, schools, hospitals, shops, farms and lives.   We need to look inwards and revamp that Nigerian Spirit that we need to make us glow in the Comity of Nations, that is what will lead other African states out of their woods too.

Nigerians arise…

…..Let’s make a difference in our little spheres and build our mother land by our local/little actions for national goodly outcomes.


Adamu Ayuba



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