Still South Africa…..

South Africa, is still to react as expected by the continent and affected nations on the issue of the ill treatment meted on persons of other nations.

What ever name it is called, the inhuman treatment of man to his fellow man is unacceptable.  We stand our grounds complimenting the Nigerian National Assembly, both Senate and House of Representatives, we join our voices with their demanding a more genuine visible reaction and remedy to stop the destruction of lives and properties.

It is our belief, that Zuma’s economy has not felt enough pressure to stand and stop the killings immediately, political diplomacy where the ambassador is talking of the age of persons as ones who did not know the contributions of Africans to South Africa is unacceptable.

Am sure this will have been less chaotic if Mandela was still alive.   How can we absolve a monarch and a near kin of the President Zuma family as inciters of the hate?

We still believe and are of the opinion that the National Assembly resolve will see a faster resolve on the issue if:-

1.  DSTV – Multichoice is officially suspended from the Nigerian Airspace, even if for a while.

2. Invite back home the Senior Nigerian Diplomats in South Africa.

3. Suspend the South African Airlines from doing business in Nigeria.

4. Suspend MTN and all allied South African companies doing business in Nigeria

5.  4, will affect the likes of Shoprites and Games, Protea Hotels, Southern Sun Hotels and other construction, power companies in Nigeria.

6. Suspend the issuance of Visa to all South Africans coming to Nigeria and revoking some of the high profile work permits.

7. If the xeno or afro phobia continues, then request South Africa to close their embassy from our land.

Unborn Nigerians contributed resources untold to the freedom of South Africa;  Nigeria is one singular country that contributes over 50% of profits for most south African companies outside their country.

Why should we not be treated as kings in south Africa?

How I wish Nigerians will learn, because, not long ago, after Nigerian soldiers lost their lives and Nigerian resources to bring peace to Liberia / Sierra Leone, the nationals of those countries used machetes to kill and amputate Nigerians because Lebanese business men incited the locals that Nigerians have stolen all their businesses.

Ghana of recent decided to place a very high monetary tax on Nigerian businesses in Ghana, because they say Nigerians are taking over all their businesses.  Now South Africa is not hiding, it’s hate on the same Nigerians in their country.

We need to make an example to show the world that life of Any Nigerian at home and Abroad, is worth the Nigeria’s standing still till he/she is /are rescued from the shackles of such ills.

Thanks to Prof. Akinyemi, Abike Dabiri and the so many highly placed Senators, Honourable members of the House and Nigerians for lending their voice.  May see more and hear more stand up and say no to such evil.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, will do himself more good taking one of his last decisive actions that will place him on a much higher pedestal, doing something spectacular to show the world we will protect and stand by our own.



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