South Africa – An African Issue needing an African Solution.

Going straight to the point, Africans stood, spent and died to see that South Africa is free from Apartheid, now the  same people liberated are showing the ones that fought with and for them that their taste now is for African blood.

Solutions are being sought diplomatically, slow and maybe sure, but that has not helped in the past and definitely not enough.

What am I talking about, we the people of Africa, beginning from Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Egypt Ethiopia and all others, must stand as one and take an action that has nothing to do with our slow Governments, but our lives.

If we can:-

1.  Call South African Airlines and cancel all flight reservations till something is done, Nigerians did it to British Airways and it worked.

2. Unplug DSTV / Multichoice decorders from your systems, and migrate to some other satellite channels. Call DSTV/Multichoise to cancel unused subscriptions.  Especially in Nigeria, that they are raising tariffs anyhow, even when courts tell them not to.

3. MTN GSM: remove your sim cards, use other services, Glo, Airtel, zain, expresso, vodafone, Tigo, Etisalat, Moov, Telecel, Econet, Netone, Zamtel, Africell, Orange and post paid subscribers should call MTN offices and cancel their subscriptions.

4. Call in all South African Hotels in your country, from Protea, Southern Sun, and all other South African Hotels, cancel your reservations from them.

5. Games and Shoprite stores, should be boycotted by all.

6. Stay away from even calling South Africa on your phones for a week, call other customer support stations instead.

I assure you, if this is done, on the third day, President Zuma will be sweating in his Air-conditioned ‘Swimming pool’ and office.  The Ambassadors of all African Countries will not be able to sit still in their homes and offices.

We will not retaliate by burning down their business structures and send all south africans (black and whites) back to south africa, but let us stay away from anything south africa for a while and see.

There is the dare need for Africans to stand and tell this our brothers, that we cannot but do with each other.

The Government of Zuma should either reprimand the traditional rulers and leaders who are instigating the populace or they will soon have Africans taking South African Tribal Lords and citizens to the ICC.

If this is allowed to continue, the hurricane in the Maghreb, that is still being managed will be small in nature, because this affects all of us Africans, directly and indirectly.

One week avoidance is all we are asking for………….

…… The corporations will force the Government of South Africa to do the necessary to curb this nonsense, as borders are eroded for a one world future, it is an issues that is so senseless.

May the struggles, sweats of our Heroes past not be reduced to nothing, by the unpatriotic few bringing discord.


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