Nigerian Elections – It is not in Winner or Loser!

It is not in winner or loser.

I now remember our Babban Yaya, Uncle Jack, It is no winner nor vanquished.

I also recall the Zambian President, who lost and told the winner, ‘we have learnt our lessons, we will go back to the drawing table’ and return to win in the next elections.

Nigeria is bigger than GEJ and Buhari as individuals. The very Reverend and our Abuja Spiritual Sage of All Christian Fellowship (Okoye) said to GEJ in Aso Villa Chapel to correct his mistakes. A very sincere christian advise coming so late in ruling life.

May our Clerics learn to be the Samuels, Elishas, Elijahs and John the Baptiste we read of in the Bible.

I pray for all the Senators and Honorables Elect (May you be Senators and Honourables indeed) and not Abuja NASS leeches, who do not know the road to their constituencies again, till after 4 years.

May Nigeria rise again from this rubbles to the height it deserves in the comity of nations.

I have not forgotten, another elections is 2 weeks away. But I am confident, that God has answered the prayers of the Nigerian common man. Any trouble formentor, will find trouble at his/her door mouth. Any Nation destroyer, will not see the entrance of any states Government House. Shame will follow the shame faced looters of our Nations economy.

In God we stand and He will not leave or forsake us.

Shalom and have a blessed week ahead.


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