The Union of Nigerian Nation States or is it a United Nations States of Nigeria?

With years, wisdom increases.  I now see more clearly why my late father was an Awolowo man in Politics.  Then I thought of only Free Education, but now the real issues are gliding out like the sprouting of a germinated beans or ground nut.

The Nations States struggle of the Yoruba race or Kingdom in Nigeria is not an issue to be looked lightly.  The repercussion am sure so many are not yet in the appreciation of.

With the historical antecedent of this great nation and over a century of being in an uneasy marriage.  This looks like the very needed for better for worse antidote to a better future Nigeria.

The conference’s achievement of that, must be source of joy for not just the Yoruba race / Nation, but for all big and small tribal Kingdoms / Nation states in Nigeria.

Believe me, if we succeed in it in Nigeria, then only will we realize that it is not just a Nigerian issues but a continental issue and one that all former colonial territories suffered and are suffering from.

As the Elections come in another 2 days or so.  28th March, 2015, irrespective of who wins.  The crave for the implementation of especially that clause of the Nations state, must be insisted on and made to come to life.  The National Assembly and State Assemblies Nation wide should not be given rest till they take a look at the issue and work on ways to start and implement same.

While I dobale’ for my in-laws for a wonderful insight, I call on all nation states in the country to join hands as one to see this come alive in our time.

May the Struggles of our heroes past, begin to see the fruits in our time.

God bless Nigerians and then Nigeria.

I pray us all a wonderful and peaceful, successful elections.


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