Prayers – Nigerian elections.

I went to college chapel service on wednesday night.
And, while the chaplain was giving the sermon I remembered something I’d been told or had read a while ago about one of the wars.
Everyone (Well, many) in England were stopping at the same time evryday to pray, and it led to a great turnaround. And I thought why can’t we do this for Nigeria? ( I felt more inclined to do this on Thursday when I was made aware that God is FOR Nigeria.)
Especially with elections 2 weeks from the 14th(if they don’t postpone them again).
It doesn’t have to be a looong prayer. Approximaely 7 minutes should be ideal. But if you want to go on, feel free.
Everyday at 9pm Nigerian time; that’s 8pm in England, 4pm in New York and Canada, and3pm in Texas.
We should all just lift Nigeria into God’s hands; the main theme of the prayer being peace.
I also believe we should ask for God’s will to be done concerning those who come into power. Let us put all biases aside and earnestly ask for God’s will to be done.
During the prayer we should also recognise that God is FOR Nigeria. (Andif God is for us, who can be against us?)
So, I’d like you all to make the commitment to do this.
It’s not long, but I believe that there is something powerful in large numbers of people agreeing on the same thing in God’s presence at a given time.
Set reminders if you must (I probably will).
And at the given time, PRAY.

Some scripture references: Psalm27:14, Psalm 84:12 (To encourage you)
                           Matthew 18:19 (What God has promised, hold on to this as you pray)
                           Deuteronomy 31:6-7 (God has not abandoned us)
                           Jeremiah 46:12 (Peace)

We should remember that when we come before God, we should come before Him with repentant hearts. He owes us nothing.
So, maybe asking for forgiveness (and meaning it) would be a great way to start each prayer.
You don’t have to be Nigerian to pray along; if God has given you a heart for Nigeria or you have a Nigerian friend or you really just want to pray for us,
please make the commitment as well and thank you.
If you happen to see this after the 14th, please join in from that day.
Please pass this along. To as many people as you can. 
Thank you!

Just in case you were wondering about the prayer in England during war, you can check this link: 

Dt 31:6


One thought on “Prayers – Nigerian elections.

  1. United states of Nigeria. I strongly believe that God who does not work or need alarge number of people to pray will us the few who earnestly pray to avert any post election crisis. I believe in Nigeria and so love the country and find it difficult to understand those that are bend on destroying us. God bless Nigeria

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