When we pray.

When we pray:-
* we get closer to heaven
* we get strength from above
* we get the unseen to assist us
* we get results, we won’t have been able to get, if on our own.
* we become partners with the heavenly in success.

So why don’t we pray, in and for all things, before seeking help elsewhere?

As the elections nears in Nigeria, am sure our joining in prayers, can grant Nigeria, Africa the Leadership needed in  Nigeria, from States to National levels. 

Whether you have a voters card or not, pray for Nigeria.
Whether you are of age or not, pray for Nigeria.
Whether you are Nigerian or not, PRAY 4 NIGERIA.

May God remember us as we pray.


The Problem of Nigeria – Goodluck and Buhari?

If the Problem of Nigeria is Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and Muhammad Buhari, then Nigeria has no problem at all.

There is the need to look into the rubrics of our power changing and formation antics and work up a doable structure, that will protect and sustain the integrity of the Process and Structure called Nigeria.

It start with us, you and me, looking beyond the noise of the perception manipulating media, to the real issues of Nigeria and what is needed to salvage them.
……. Just a personal Thot.

The prayer for Nigeria and election tensed nations.

I share a prayer, I think is timely in and for Nigeria today, ………

…. ​Dear fellow Believer in God, 
This week, we have been praying that God would keep His people everywhere obedient to the commanded of His purpose, and deliver us from pursuing our own agendas that might be motivated by inordinate quest for self-glorification.
Emmanuel & Mabel
Emmanuel C. & Mabel I. Chijindu
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