To – Our Dear Beloved and Family – Compliments of the Season!

Our Dear Beloved and Family,

Compliments of the Season!

As the Silent Star go by,

I pray that the silent cries of our hearts,

the secret quiet pains that we have carried for some time now,

the hunger and thirst for our reality to match our dreams,

the hidden pangs of unfulfilled aspirations and unmet desires;

I pray,

That they will all be met in Christ’s birth tonite.

May He be Born in us anew,

with all the wonders of

His Love.

On behalf of My Family and I, this is to wish you the most memorable Christmas and a new year full of Christ’s goodness.

Merry Christmas!!


Again, thank you for being dear to us and our loved ones, may God reward you with his Goodness. Amen.


Our Kindest Regards

El-Saleem Orokunle; Azaman OreOluwa; Ayokanmi Adeolu and Adamu

The Ayuba’s.


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